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Some services listed in the sections below may not be running as normal due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please check the individual website links for up to date information.

Abuse, bullying and online safety

Keeping safe is about trusting your instincts and making careful decisions to avoid putting you or your friends in danger whether you’re at home, at school, online, or out and about on the streets.


Bullying can often be things like name-calling, hitting, happy-slapping (when someone gets attacked and it's filmed on a mobile phone) or stealing someone’s things, receiving nasty messages either via mobile phones or the internet or false rumours being spread about you. This can happen to any of us, at any time and any place but nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad. Find services that can help you...


Abuse is any action by another person that causes significant harm to another. This can be:

  • Domestic abuse – any type of controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour between people in a relationship.
  • Sexual Abuse –  when you are being forced or persuaded to take part in sexual activities.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - when you are encouraged, or forced, to take part in sexual activity in exchange for something.
  • Physical abuse - when someone is deliberately hurting you causing injury such as bruises, broken bones and burns through hitting, kicking or having objects thrown at them.
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) – this is the partial or total removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons.
  • Online abuse - any type of abuse that happens on the web either through social media, online gaming sites or using mobile phones.
  • Emotional abuse - the ongoing emotional ill-treatment of a child that can involve deliberately trying to scare or humiliate you, isolate you or ignore you.
  • Neglect – the ongoing failure to meet your basic needs as a child or young person.  You may be left hungry or dirty, without adequate clothing, shelter, supervision, medical or health care.

Find services that can help you...

Online and e-Safety

We are surrounded by social media and chat rooms.  It's important for us to know how to keep yourself safe whilst we surf and socialise online Find services that can help you...

Alcohol, drugs & smoking


People drink alcohol for all sorts of reasons.  Some find that it helps them to be more sociable, relaxed and confident. However, you should never rely on alcohol to feel good about yourself, nor should you feel pressured by your friends to drink more than you want to.  After drinking too much, people are more likely to have an accident, become involved in a fight or have unsafe sex. These are all unnecessary risks. Find services that can help you...


You may find you take drugs because your friends do it, you think it might be fun or it will make you forget all your worries.  Taking drugs can become a habit and it can have a devastating impact on your health and future.  The first step to avoiding drugs is knowing the drug facts about what they are and what they do when they are used. Find services that can help you...


Some people say smoking helps you cope with stress. Some say it's a social thing, a way of relaxing with friends. Some people smoke because they are unhappy. Many say they wish they had never started.  The younger you start smoking the more damage your body will suffer when you get older. Find services that can help you...

Children in care

Young people come into care for lots of different reasons, it might be because things have become too difficult or dangerous at home. It might be because your mum or dad aren’t coping so well and are not able to look after you. 

The Participation service aims to give young people in care and care leavers the opportunity to have their voices heard and to have a meaningful impact on services that affect their lives. 

Mental health & wellbeing

Sometimes you can feel like you don't have any control over what you think or how you feel. You are not alone. 

We all have times in our life when we have worries, stress or feelings of anxiety and talking about these issues may seem embarrassing and not really the type of thing you want to discuss with friends or family especially, when you’re not sure what the problem is. 

Here are some services providing online or text support and  services that can help you...

Money, housing & legal


Managing your money or finding out ways to get it can be confusing.  Whether you’re looking for information on claiming benefits, credit card debt or how to save for something, take a look at these sites for help and advice


Leaving home is a big decision. Some people leave home to start an independent life, which can be very exciting but also daunting. Others leave home because they have no choice and it may not be a positive experience. Support and advice specifically for young people can be found at:


Young people have certain rights in much the same way as adults have basic rights.  You have a right not to be discriminated against simply because of your age, colour, gender or race. Find services that can help you...

Relationships, sex & sexuality

Good and healthy relationships with family, friends and partners is something we all want but sometimes can find overwhelming, stressful or even abusive.

If you are worried about your relationship or you are questioning your sexuality or being pressured into things you feel you are not ready for, then you should speak to someone.  If you feel it’s too difficult or embarrassing to have these conversations with a parent, teacher, relative or friend, there are helplines and websites to turn to. Find services that can help you...

Young parents

Any parent, or parent-to-be, regardless of age, will need some advice and support in their parenting role. This could be help with adjusting to the responsibilities of being a parent, lack of support and loneliness.

If you are a young parent and would like some advice and support, Find services that can help you...

Young adults with SEND aged 16-25

The Hounslow Local Offer provides lots of specialist advice young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Such as:

  • Health checks
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Transport
  • Services
  • Financial support
COVID-19 Childcare settings to remain open
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